Happy customers in Japan

Dear Da Nang Bikes-Team, I would like to let you and other customers know, we had a great experience with you guys! The staff was speaking english very well and was very friendly. You write on your website, you are not the cheapest rental shop in Da Nang. Sure… but anyway, for example here in Japan, I would pay easy 3 time the price. And during my 10 days rental, I saw many other rental shops, much cheaper. But you have also to check the condition of those scooters. In most cases I could already see from 20m distance, I never want to hit any road with those vehicles. In your shop I rented a Yamaha NVX 155. Pretty much new, less than 200km run. Looking awesome… many Vietnamese people talked to me.. \”Wow! Nice! How much was that?\”. Not talking about the great keyless system. Just keep the key in your pocket and press the button on the scooter. We rode the scooter all the time with 2 people. In Da Nang the traffic is crazy. I loved it, but I think many people easy get scared. Every traffic light (nice if there is one), there is an ocean full of scooters, waiting to go. So I really enjoyed the 155cc of the NVX. Even with 2 people, pull the throttle and biuld a big gap between you and the scooter crowd behind you 🙂 Last but not least… such a new bike… you don\’t need to worry about the tires, the brakes or even the engine dying in the middle of nowhere. At the end of our 10 days rental we were invited to an ice cold beer. Thank you Da Nang Bikes!
Warm regards from Japan
Holger and Yoshika